When it comes to safeguarding your home in Dunsborough and the South West, a meticulous pest inspection is non-negotiable. Our team at Bug Pest Control specialises in pre-purchase and timber pest control inspections, leveraging cutting-edge technology to identify any hidden infestations that could undermine your property’s integrity and value.

Understanding the pest inspection cost is crucial for homeowners who are keen on maintaining their investment. Let our termite inspection experts ensure your peace of mind with their extensive experience and state-of-the-art tools.

Pest Inspection in Dunsborough & the South West

Ensuring your property in Dunsborough remains free from pesky intruders is what we do best. Our pre-purchase pest inspection is designed to meticulously assess homes for any signs of infestation, providing a clear picture of the potential risks and the pest inspection cost involved in safeguarding your investment.

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Bug Pest Control Inspection On Your Properties

Property values are quick to fall if pest inspections reveal the infestations beneath the surfaces of the properties. At Bug Pest Control we employ a team of Exterra and Termidor accredited experts who are equipped with a collection of the latest in pest technology. The technician who will conduct the inspection is both experienced and qualified in running a thorough pest inspection for all local homes to guarantee that the property is meticulously examined for unwanted pests. We use the latest Hikmicro high-quality Thermal Imaging Camera and moisture meter. Call us to schedule a Timber Pest Inspection or a Pre-purchase pest inspection.

Pest Inspections via Thermal Imaging Technology

Hikmicro will pick up any change in temperature, when termites consume and digest the cellulose in the timber it generates a higher change in temperature and moisture, the M30 will give you a better chance of locating termite activity.

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Wall framing and missing insulation

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Pest inspection

Wall batterns

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Don’t let pests put your Dunsborough home at risk. Our expert team is ready to conduct a thorough pest and termite inspection, employing the latest technology to secure your property. With transparent pest inspection costs and top-notch service, we’re here to protect your home and investment.

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Bug Pest Control provide the highest standard of pest management services throughout Dunsborough and the South West.

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