Signs of a cockroach infestation? Bug Pest Control has a solution!

A local commercial kitchen had been struggling with german cockroaches and kitchen black ants at the front of the shop.

The pests were entering through the pavement, up the wall, under the window frame and into the shop, in view of customers front of house. Each pest control treatment they tried was becoming less and less effective, to the point where the last treatment had no effect at all.

The shop owner decided to find a permanent solution and contacted Bug Pest Control.

After raising the kitchen equipment, we found the area to be reasonably clean. However, upon further inspection we discovered the primary source for the infestation was a shared alleyway. After recommending the most appropriate solution, we applied a treatment using only quality products.

We followed up with our client four days later to inspect the premises and were advised they hadn’t seen a live cockroach or an ant since the treatment had been completed. Success!

If you have a cockroach or ant infestation, whether it be commercial or residential, get in touch with Bug Pest Control to find a solution.

cockroach infestation


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